Musikvideo – Away LIVE 2017

Livemitschnitt vom Konzert

… für Spin My Fate

Produced, edited and directed by Thorsten Güttes and Simon Bosse Mix/Master by Dennis Koehne Filmed by… Thorsten Güttes for 25pictures, Serge Lehnen, Martin Thon, Uwe Laser, Roman Haenicke …

Spin My Fate, the definition of energetic Modern Rock / Metal from Münster, Germany. SMF stands for four best friends, SMF is family. They are passionate about their musical essence, about bringing it to life through one of their trademark explosive stage performances or meticulous studio sessions. More than 250 live concerts with bands such as Emil Bulls, 4Lyn, Itchy Poopzkid and Miss Montreal attest to this zeal. In addition, SMF won several band contests and went on tour throughout Germany and Europe despite the fact that they lacked support from a booking agency. They have released four albums and now feel ready to build upon these strong musical foundations. (